Future Exhibition: <br>Leeuwin Exhibition<br> Featuring Peter Kendall<br>and Joanne Duffy<br> February 24 to March 16

Future Exhibition:
Leeuwin Exhibition
Featuring Peter Kendall
and Joanne Duffy
February 24 to March 16

Presenting new paintings by Peter Kendall and Joanne Duffy

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Future Exhibition: <br>Easter Ehibition<br>Featuring Mel Brigg<br>Sophie Gralton<br>and Eve Arnold

Future Exhibition:
Easter Ehibition
Featuring Mel Brigg
Sophie Gralton
and Eve Arnold

Presenting new paintings by
Mel Brigg, Sophie Gralton
and Eve Arnold

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Sculptures: <br>New to the Gallery<br>
Silicon Bronze Sculptures <br>by Ayad Alaragholli

New to the Gallery
Silicon Bronze Sculptures
by Ayad Alaragholli

The figure in my artwork means love, land, peace and freedom
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Featured Artist: <br>Bronwen Newbury

Featured Artist:
Bronwen Newbury

Bronwen Newbury has been painting professionally for nearly three decades, and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around Australia...

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The Studio Gallery and Bistro Yallingup WA, Art gallery South West of Perth, Margaret River area featuring exhibits and exhibitions of Modern Art & jewellery

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