Alison Brown

Alison  Brown
Living on the beachfront, I find an endless source of ocean material washed up on the tideline. From the bits and pieces collected I create still-life displays of shells ,wood, skeletal remains and sea sponges. These become the basis of the heavily textured surfaces of my work. The ceramic forms are an elyptical shape that give me a broad surface on which to work.They are hand built in porcellaneous clay Random swirls of clay slip are laid down in the assemblage stage then transformed into playful fossil-like images thet dance across the surface with the salvaged detritis. The process usually takes several days to create before the drying and firing process takes place.the vessels are then fired to 1260-1280 degrees C I have also been captivated by the beautiful sunsets over the Bay…..”Sunset Over The Bay” series is currently on sale at Studio Bistro Gallery at Yallingup. I am also testing a number of glazes for ” Sunrise “and “Moonrise”…. alison brown