Norm Wilson

Norm  Wilson



2019   Painting Stirling Art Prize - Winner


After a long and successful career in the advertising industry, New Zealand expatriate Norm Wilson is re-discovering his early love of painting. Like many talented artists who found their way into graphic design and art direction, Norm is relishing the opportunity to return to fine art.


A long serving art director and partner with one of WA’s leading advertising agencies, Norm’s design skills have been applied with distinction to many corporate, public and political assignments.


Since retiring from full time employment nearly 10 years ago, Norm works from a waterfront studio in Mandurah, using both oils and acrylics to express his fascination with landscape and still life disciplines. Drawing on his experience as a photographic art director, he skilfully exploits the interplay of light and shade to give his compositions an exaggerated sense of texture and depth. 


Immediately pleasing to the eye, Norm’s paintings offer another dimension, which becomes apparent with deeper observation. The familiar elements of the Australian landscape are there but so, too, are the easily overlooked details.

The peculiar slant of a fence post, the peculiar tilt of a veranda, the ripple of imperfection that mars an otherwise mirror image in a still expanse of water…

Ingredients like these give Norm’s work life and personality.


Above all, Norm’s paintings have a strong design base, reflecting in his background in graphics. There are dominant objects, defined shapes, sharp angles, yet soften in a semi-impressionist fashion. His paintings are executed with patience and precision, reflecting an artist who is clear in his focus and comfortable with his craft. Norm has exhibited extensively over the last 10 years and has won numerous awards for his paintings.


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