Manning Art Prize 2019 - Naked and Nude

Congratulations to Laura Matthews who won in the Manning Art Prize 2019, Naked & Nude, with her painting 'Sea Creatures' at the Manning Regional Art Gallery, NSW.
The ‘Naked & Nude Art Prize’ is the only art award of its kind in Australia and attracts entries from across Australia from artists at all stages of their careers and working in all mediums.
The theme ‘Naked & Nude’ is an evocative platform for creative inspiration, and artists delve into representations of the human form. With a history dating back to ancient times across many cultures, the exposed human figure is one the most enduring themes in the visual arts, and remains relevant to artists across all disciplines.
Announcing 'Sea Creatures' as the winner, the judge commented "this beautifully composed painting may be a landscape (or seascape) but it is one that pivots around the formation of the two female figures. Their connection to each other and to their beach setting is the true subject of the work.
"Despite the agitated surface texture of this painting; one that encapsulates the perpetual motion of the ocean setting, the work exudes a great sense of calm and intimacy. The figures here do indeed appear as ‘sea creatures’ as they are drawn into their environment, and lead us, as viewers, in with them."
The painting is ultimately successful due to the strong sense of the physicality of the figures and the human connection between them and their environment.
- Courtesy of the Midwest Council NSW
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2019 Kennedy Art Prize

Congratulations to Joanne Duffy who's painting, “Island Lament, Wadjemup” has been selected as the Founder’s Choice in the 2019 Kennedy Art Prize.

The Foundation’s Choice features as part of the exhibition and will showcase an exciting array of emerging and established Australian artistic talent.

'The Kennedy Prize is dedicated to the memory of Bob Kennedy’s late parents, British émigrés who met in Australia after both departing their homelands, with promise and uncertainty, to forge a future in an unfamiliar country.
His father gave service in World War I and later died of leukaemia, leaving behind a wife and seven children. Bob was raised solely by his mother, which instilled in him a profound appreciation for the opportunities yielded to him by his parents’ sacrifice and a commitment to enabling further opportunities for the wider Australian community.'

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Cossack Art Award 2019

3 Studio Gallery artists exhibited in the Cossack Art Award 2019.

Simon Hemsley
Di Taylor
Jacinda Bayne 

'From humble beginnings in Western Australia’s resources heartland, the Cossack Art Awards have grown in size and stature over the years to become the richest acquisitive art award in regional Australia.'

The award has been running for 27 years annually and attracts an extremely high calibre of participation from across the nation.

Featured images:
Jacinda Bayne - Viewpoint
Di Taylor- Quiet Echoes

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The Lester Prize 2019

Congratulations to Lori Pensini for being selected as a finalist in The Lester Prize 2019, with her painting 'banksia grandis - love begets love'.

Originally known as The Blackswan, the prize is one of the country’s richest prizes for portraiture and has recently been renamed to The Lester Prize in honour of the award’s leading patron, Richard Lester.
'This is a love story, it is my family’s story. It tells of love lost, forbidden and endured.'
'I have painted my son Mitch. He embodies the tale of my pioneering Uncle Elijah and Aunty Mary who opposed racial vilification to legitimise their relationship at the time in Australia’s colonisation Indigenous people were classed as ‘flora and fauna’. The crowning banksia represents their connection to country and the synthesising of shared bonds beyond their skin and cultural differences.'

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2019 Melbourne Teapot Exhibition

Congratulations to Sue Smorthwaite who has been awarded Excellence In Design - Non Functional with her sculpture Billy Tea at the 2019 Melbourne Teapot Exhibition.  

The exhibtion has been running for 14 years and is held annually at the Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte, featuring both functional and non functional sections in diverse creative disciplines.
?The exhibition gives artists and makers of diverse disciplines the opportunity to explore and interpret the teapot form within their individual field of expertise and materials. 

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5 Studio Gallery Artists Selected for Perth Royal Art Prize 2019

Congratulations to Jennifer Sadler, Jo Darvall, Kay Gibson, Jacinda Bayne & Lori Pensini who have been selected as finalists in this years Perth Royal Art Prize.

The Perth Royal Art Prize was established by RASWA in 1974 and it has grown in artistic calibre every year.  It is the only prize in WA dedicated to the theme of landscape. The prize showcases some of the best talent from WA artists only, both regional and metropolitan.

Featured images:
Kay Gibson - In the Balance
Jacinda Bayne - Pontoon
Jennifer Sadler - Walk to Bush Camp

'When I look at the Australian ‘landscape’ I not only see its geological beauty but I also see the symbiotic relationship with our unique wildlife. We know that birds and insects pollinate plants but less obvious is the role of some our smaller mammals. They are integral in creating a healthy topsoil and ensuring biodiversity. Since European settlement a number of these mammals have become extinct mainly due to feral cats. With efforts to restore and maintain ‘a balance’ research has been conducted showing that dingoes suppress feral cat numbers.'

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Rottnest Foundation Art Exhibtion 2019

Rottnest Foundation Art Exhibtion 2019

5 Studio Gallery Artists participated in the inaugural exhibition; Norm Wilson, Jo Darvall, Lori Pensini, Joanne Duffy, Jacinda Bayne.

The exhibition was held at the prestigious Holmes à Court Gallery at no.10 Douglas Street, West Perth. The Exhibition was professionally curated by Sandra Murray, a highly regarded Art Curator who currently works with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA and Bankwest.

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Jo Darvall - Finalist - Still: National Still Life Award 2019

Still life - Lost works - Jo Darvall Finalist - Still: National Still Life Award 2019

Still is a biennial, acquisitive award for artworks in the genre of still life, in all mediums. Still: National Still Life Award seeks to highlight the diversity and vitality of still life in Australian contemporary art practice, broadening the interpretation and meaning of this enduring genre.

Still life - Lost works is a part of a large series and exhibition that Jo created to retell the story of Australia's pre-war artist, Kathleen O’Connor.

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Kilgour Art Prize 2019 - Finalist

Wadjemup by Lori Pensini Finalist - Kilgour Art Prize 2019

Lori has been selected as a finalist in the annual art prize for figurative and portrait painting administered annually by Newcastle Art Gallery.

Wadjemup - black jail, white playground. 1838-1902. The history of Wadjemup (Rottnest Island, WA) tells of some 3700 aboriginal boys and men ‘rounded up’, chained and walked from as far as the Goldfields, Western Desert, Pilbara and Kimberlys to be incarcerated on Rottnest island 19km from the mainland port of Fremantle. Lori Pensini 2019

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Lori Pensini - Finalist - Portia Geach Memorial Award 2019

Stellar Violets by Lori Pensini Finalist - Portia Geach Memorial Award 2019

Congratulations to Lori Pensini who has been shortlisted for Australia's most prestigious art prize for portraiture by female artists.

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Jo Darvall - Bunbury Biennale 2019 "Goomba Boya"

Artist Statement
It's a pleasure to be involved in the Biennale creating the work and visiting the site of the great rock Goomba Boya. If you travel down Sugar Loaf road in Yallingup Western Australia at the end of the road there is a huge rock. Its enchanting at times it looks like a wise owl Wardandi Cultural Custodian Isaac Web mentioned there is no cultural name for Sugar Loaf Rock but suggests we call it Goomba Boya. Sadly many stories have been lost due to colonisation. Accompanying this work is the stunning melancholy music "Salt" inspired by Goomba Boya the Composer is Rebecca Erin Smith ..Musicians: Madeleine Antoine (violin) and Setsu Masuda (piano). the artwork is on exhibition until 21st of July 2019 at Bunbury Regional Gallery in WA.
Jo Darvall
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Lori Pensini - Finalist - Len Fox Art Prize 2019

'Flower - Dryandra' by Lori Pensini
Len Fox Art Prize
Exhibtion opens on 8 June - 1 September 2019

Castlemaine Art Museum, Castlemaine, Vic. judge: Geoffrey Smith, Chairman Sothebys' Australia

Lori is the only WA Artist to be selected as a finalist.

artist statement: The Dryandra banksia is endemic to the bushland of my place of birth. Known for their resilience, they bloom & bear seed from the poorest of soils in the most adverse conditions. The banksia in my art practise represents the women in our family, pioneering ilk that have also weathered life’s adversities and gone on to bear blooms of gentle greatness. My cousin Tyler represents myself. She wears the Dryandra bloom at her throat, symbolic of her heritage and the voice and stories of past generations of the women that have shaped her.

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Britt Mikkelsen | Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2019

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Di Taylor - Representation in New York

We are delighted to announce that Di Taylor now has representation with Agora Gallery in New York.
Di has been painting and exhibiting for over 45 years so this is a fabulous achievement and opportunity to break into the New York art world.
We wish Di the best of luck for her exhibition at Agora Gallery in 2019.

Another fantastic opportunity for Di and her artistic journey is the invitation to exhibit at the Florence Biennale in 2019. We wish Di every success.

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Winner of the People's Choice Award - Kilgour Art Prize

We are so delighted for Lori Pensini who's painting 'pride & prejudice' has won the People's Choice Award - Kilgour Portrait Prize. Lori is the first West Australian artist to win this prize.
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Bruny18 - Finalist - Lori Pensini

Congratulations to Lori Pensini who has been selected as a finalist in this years Bruny Island Art Prize.

'The Bruny’ is a unique national art prize, focused specifically on painting that explores concepts of identity and environment, including the relationship between people and the physical world.'

'In 2018, the specific theme of the prize is Art of Adaptation, which encompasses the way challenges such as climate adaptation are negotiated.'

On October 13 the judges will announce the winner of the prize.

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Busselton Art Award - Finalist - Paula Wiegmink

Congratulations to our wonderful and truly dedicated artist, Paula Wiegmink for her painting 'Shake your Tail Feathers' which was selected as a finalist in this years Busselton Art Award.
Paula's painting has pride of place on the wall in this exhibition and looks wonderful!
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Ayad Alqaragholli's recent trip to China

Ayad's recent trip to China saw the installation of his new sculpture in the Min Qin desert.
The large figurative copper sculpture was installed on sand, on the Silk Road.
We believe this is such a fantastic opportunity Ayad and his artwork.

The photograph below shows Ayad at the seminar where he presented the international Artists involved in the International Desert Sculpture exhibition, in Min Qin close to the Mongolia border.

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Fresh WA Snapper on Special - Norm Wilson

  Finalist - Perth Royal Art Prize 2018 Congratulations to our artist, Norm Wilson who's painting 'Fresh Wa Snapper on Special' was selected as a finalist in this years Perth Royal Art Prize.
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Britt Mikkelsen - Emerging Artist - Helen Lempriere Scholarship

We are so proud of our artist Britt Mikkelsen who has received the Emerging Artist scholarship, one of three scholarships annually awarded from the Helen Lempriere Scholarships.

This is one of Australia’s most prestigious annual prizes for sculptors in Australia, designed to foster and promote contemporary Australian sculpture.
'The Scholarships are a realisation of a bequest made by the late Keith Wood to honour his wife, Helen Lempriere.
Helen was one of Australia’s leading female artists in the mid-20th century, attracting national and international acclaim for her painting, printmaking and sculpture. Serving as a fitting legacy for Helen Lempriere and her belief in supporting the arts, the Scholarships fulfil Keith’s aims of making a significant philanthropic contribution to the arts while commemorating Helen, a leading figure in the development of a unique Australian aesthetic. The Scholarships serve to advance artists’ careers through study or research and are held in partnership with Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Managed by Perpetual as a charitable trust operating in perpetuity, the Helen Lempriere Bequest has provided more than $1.5 million in funding support for Australian artists since the trust was established in 1996.

Each year in the lead up to Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi three Australian based sculptors receive significant support for their careers thanks to the Helen Lempriere Bequest. As stipulated by the Helen Lempriere Bequest tertiary level academics select the artists to receive the scholarships. To celebrate the 20th anniversary exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Perpetual have announced an additional $30,000 Helen Lempriere Scholarship for Australian sculptors in 2016.'

The picture opposite will be the work that Britt will be creating, 'Lair pictured', which will be her first installation.

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Kay Gibson - Finalist - Perth Royal Art Prize


"Merino Country pays homage to the integral role that the merino wool industry has played in the Australian landscape for the past 200 years. The first Australian produced fleece sold in England in 1807 and by the late 19th century wool had become Australia’s major export. By the 1950’s it was said that Australia was riding on the sheep’s back. New breeds have been developed to cope with the hot dry semi-arid areas of Australia. Australia still dominates the fine wool market producing more than half of the world’s merino wool." Kay Gibson

Congratulations to our wonderful artist Kay Gibson as her painting 'Merino Country' was shortlisted from 271 entries to just 51 in this years Perth Royal Art Prize.

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Di Taylor - Philanthropist and Artist

During Di Taylor's recent trip to New York Di undertook a live art demonstration and has also kindly donated two paintings which are to be auctioned in 2019.
Di proudly did this for the charity 'Ads-Up', an organisation founded by Australian expatriates living in NY to help in the resettlement of the Manus Island and Nauru Refugees in the US.
Di’s path into Philanthropy began in 2004 after a close family member obtained a severe head injury. Eternally grateful for the support received, Di has since been giving back to those charities and institutions and others.

Di’s journey started with Telethon, a 24-hour television fundraising event based in WA, supporting the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Di soon realised that she could make a difference with her art after she raised $5,500 by donating a large painting. In 2007 Di started to work directly with the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Soon after Di was engaged to work with TV personalities for Celebrity Art and then the Kylie Andrews Foundation, for over four years Di has helped to raise funds to build a house in Broome, WA as a respite facility for children with Leukemia.

Following the tragic loss of her best friend and fellow artist to cancer, Di became heavily involved with the Cancer Foundation of Australia and Breast Cancer Care WA. It was then that Di started painting her Angels. The angels have featured in various exhibitions that have raised funds for many of her philanthropic causes.

In 2010 Di was asked to represent Save The Children Australia within remote Indigenous communities in the North West of the State throughout the East Kimberley region. Over a five year period Di ran a number of art workshops that inspired children in these remote schools. Her first workshops in Kununurra were particularly challenging, ensuring children had a safe place to go both day and night.
Di was made Ambassador for Save the Children, until she resigned in 2016.

In 2017 Di was asked to be the inaugural artist in residence for the North Midlands Project, based in the wheat belt country of WA. Di created a number of paintings as well as running community based art workshops. This was part of the interactive event designed to promote mental health awareness, wellness and engagement within the communities. Launching the Geraldton Project in 2018, the collection is called “10863 Bush Ranger” and is now touring Australia.

Di was asked to become a Director on the board of Artrinsic Inc. to help establish the first portrait prize in WA, the now prestigious Black Swan Portraiture Prize. Di’s aim was to help other artists to be seen in a field of excellence in their own state. Di’s longstanding position on the board compromised her own entry into the prize. Di resigned from the board in 2017, following the passing away of her father.

Di’s ongoing philanthropic work includes recognition as “Guest Artist” for the Rafikki Surgical Mission to Tanzania in East Africa as well as local foundations and charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Starlight, Bali Children Foundation and Homeless Connect.

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Di Taylor - Cossack Art Award 2018

Congratulations to our wonderful artist Di Taylor as her painting 'At the Millstream' was shortlisted for this years Cossack Art Award.
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Jo Darvall a finalist in the John Leslie Art Prize 2018

A huge and well deserved congratulations to our incredibly talented artist Jo Darvall who was selected as a finalist in this years John Leslie Art Prize.

The John Leslie Art Prize is open to all artists living and working in Australia for landscape paintings that have been completed since 1 July 2016.
Inaugurated in 2000, the Prize is named after John Leslie OBE (1919—2016), Patron of the Gippsland Art Gallery.
The continuation of the Prize is made possible by the generous ongoing support of the John Leslie Foundation.
Prizes include the $20,000 acquisitive prize as well as a $1,000 non-acquisitive prize for the ‘Best Gippsland Work’.
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Finalist - Lethbridge 10000 Art Award - Lori Pensini

Fantastic news again for Lori Pensini as her heart warming painting, 'House Girl, is accepted as a finalist into this years Lethbridge 10000 Art Award.

'My family were early settlers to the wheatbelt, WA and formed multiracial relationships with the indigenous noongar tribes. This painting references the interlacing of the colonial British & noongar cultures, the faded landscape lines in the background reflecting the loss of cultural identity.'

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Lori Pensini - Finalist - Kilgour Portrait Prize

Congratulations to Lori Pensini for being selected as a finalist for this years Kilgour Portrait Prize with her beautiful painting 'Pride & Prejudice'.

'Inspired by the recent discovery of the indigenous line of our family. My 4th great grandfather migrated from England in the 1830’s where upon he gained prominence as a grazier in the South West of Western Australia. He worked closely with the local nooongar tribes realising the value of their bush knowledge and natural ability with livestock, and went on in time to create a conservation park to secure native food sources for them as well as sanctuary from local authorities. Two of his sons married noongar women with one, Mary, bearing 12 children.
Our family over time, was not immune to the social & political prejudices of the colonial era and began to see aboriginal liaisons as a shameful threatening thing, and all acknowledgement of noongar ties were suppressed. We sadly lost contact and knowledge for many generations.
This painting is of my cousins Tyler and Georgia set in Yangerdin noongar country of our pioneering home. They sit as one, painted in the same cloth - the folds and stripes continuous to represent the bridging & rebuilding of cultures and acknowledgement of shared blood.'

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Dorothy Davies - Emerging Talent Award - Vasse Art Award 2018

Congratulations to our wonderful artist Dorothy Davies for winning Emerging Talent at Vasse Art Award 2018 with her painting 'Plum Bay'.

We are really excited to be exhibiting Dorothy's new collection of paintings at Studio Gallery 30 June - 15 July.
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Lori Pensini - Collie Art Prize - Finalist

Our fingers are crossed for Lori as she is in the running for the regions richest art prize of $50,000.

Artist statement: A retrospective exploration of my 3rd great aunt Mary Wartum (No tu man), Yandergin noongar and her marriage to English settler/grazier Elijah Quartermaine. The story is told she was to have been married to a tribal husband, but fled from her camp to avoid this. Elijah offered her protection, they fell in love and married. At a time when aboriginal peoples were classed as ‘livestock’ to legally acknowledge a marriage to an indigenous woman is to say in the least, monumental. Mary is portrayed at the very top, an aboriginal gold sun sets behind her, arms and hands splayed open with the suggestion of embracement. Subsequent generations of her offspring are wrapped in the folds of her skirt and vine that grows from her fingers, creating a river of life, of knowledge and things ‘of women’ not written but passed down through the soul & heart.

The winner is announced on 2nd March.
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Paula Wiegmink: Artists for Conservation

Congratulations to our wonderful artist, Paula Wiegmink. Paula's painting, 'Mulga Branch' has been selected and published in the 'Artists for Conservation' 2017 edition.
Artists for Conservation is a Canadian based international non-profit. AFC represents 500 artists from 30 countries,in the nature/wildlife art genre, who are committed to conservation. Many of the world's most recognized names in the field are actively involved.
We have the book here to view at the gallery, so pop in and have a read.
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Highly Commended - City of Busselton Art Award - Jo Darvall

Congratulations to our fabulous artist Jo Darvall for receiving 'Highly Commended' at the City of Busselton Art Award 2017.
'Barrett Street Weir - Waterways' highlights Jo's sensitive, yet confident application of colour, capturing the essence and tranquility of Barrett Weir in Margaret River.
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Paula's African Adventure

Paula Wiegmink has just returned from a 4-week trip to Africa with a client.
The pair travelled 12,000 kms through South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The trip was designed so Paula could gather reference for future paintings as well as continuing her research into the conservation of endangered species with special interest in the rhino, elephant, lion, painted dog and pangolin.
‘We travelled from one end of the Kruger National Park to the other, sighting the big5 on both of the first two days!
We then entered Botswana and drove from the Muldersdrift border to Maun, where we visited the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta region. Our journey took us from central Botswana up to the Caprivi Strip into Namibia where we spent the next 9 days.
From Rundu situated on the border of Namibia and Angola we drove south, inland. On the way down we saw the Hoba meteorite that impacted earth 80,000 years ago. (The largest in the world weighing 60 tonnes). By accident we stumbled on 170 million year old dinosaur tracks on the Otjihaenamparero farmstead, 23 km east of the small town of Kalkfeld, before arriving at our destination in Outjo.
We spent the next day exploring the Etosha Pan and then crossed the continent to the Skeleton Coast on the west coast of Namibia where we visited the Cape Cross Seal Colony and saw the salt farms along the way. From there we drove south to Swakopmund to see the Moonscape landscape, Walvis Bay for the pink flamingos, Sossusvlei for the red dunes and Gemsbok, Keetmanshoop for the Quiver trees and back up to the capital city, Windhoek.
From Windhoek in central Namibia we made our way through Gobabis and back into Botswana to Kasane where we crossed the border into Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls. From Kasane, Botswana we drove south to the Nata Bird Sanctuary situated in the Makgadikgadi Pans, in central Botswana.
The next leg of our journey took us to Cape Town to see the Tsitsikamma Forest, Cape Agulhas, Addo Elephant Park and finally after handing in our hired vehicle we flew from Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg back home to Australia.’
We are so excited to see what Paula will create after this fantastic opportunity.
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Finalist - Paddington Art Prize - Laura Matthews

Laura continues to have a fantastic year with finalist selections, this time she has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Paddington Art Prize.
Congratulations to Laura, we are so excited for her solo show in January 2018.
'In the name of progress they spoilt my view'
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Spring Exhibition 2017

The opening of our Spring Exhibition, 'The Essence of Art in the Bush', was a huge success.
We were so lucky to have Di Taylor, Kay Gibson and Danica Wichtermann all there on the day, allowing visitors to meet and chat with the artists.
Di drew in a crowd with her painting demo out on the covered decking area which was great to watch.
Thank you to all that came and made it a great day!
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Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2017 - Semi Finalist - Lori Pensini

For the past 29 years the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (DMNPP) has encouraged both excellence and creativity in contemporary Australian portraiture by asking artists to interpret the look and personality of a chosen sitter, either unknown or well known.

Founded by Doug & Greta Moran and family in 1988, the DMNPP is an annual Australian portrait prize supporting Australian artists and the wider arts community by holding the free annual Moran Prizes exhibition, now at Juniper Hall Paddington, displaying the top 30 works selected by nominated judges each year.

The annual first prize is of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), the Prize is an important part of Australia's Arts calendar. The Prize is acquisitive and the winning portrait immediately becomes the property of the Moran Arts Foundation, to be exhibited permanently as part of the Moran Arts Foundation Collection.
We are so proud and happy that Lori has been selected as a finalist, we have everything crossed for her.
11 Oct - Finalists announced
18 Oct - Winner Announced
19 Oct - Exhibition Opens at Juniper Hall
'Mirror Mirror on the Wall', oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm

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Black Swan Portrait Prize 2017 - Lori Pensini - FINALIST

Lori is so unique with her work no wonder she was chosen as a finalist for the prestigious Black Swan Art Prize 2017. This prize showcases and promotes Australia's top artists, it is an exhibition/competition not to be missed.

We are sending positive thoughts for Lori to win it this year.
‘Bloom’ ,oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm
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FINALIST - Joanne Duffy - Pro Hart Outback Art Prize 2017

The Pro Hart Outback Art Prize is an annual acquisitive competition. The prize showcases work in any media which reflects the spirit and diversity of the Australian Outback.
Congratulations to Jo for being selected and also for the sale of this wonderful painting at the event.
'Forge and Firmament', oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm.
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Lethbridge 10 000 Art Award - Finalist - Lori Pensini

Congratulation to Lori for being selected as a finalist for this years Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scalle Art Award.
Now in its eighth year, this exciting art competition is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks. Entrants may submit paintings, drawings, photographs and all 2D artworks up to 61cm (24 inches) in height or width.

'Wattle Blossom', oil on canvas, 59x59cm

Lori has created an exceptional painting which we are so delighted and privileged to now have it here in the Gallery.
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Joanne Duffy - FINALIST - Perth Royal Show Landscape Art Prize 2017

Congratulations to our fantastic artist Joanne Duffy who was selected as a finalist for this years Perth Royal Landscape Art Prize.
The Perth Royal Art Show was established by RASWA in 1974 and it has grown in artistic calibre every year.
The 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show has announced the launch of its new art prize, the Perth Royal Art Prize with a substantial prize pool including a First Prize of $20,000. To create a unique approach for the Prize the theme of landscape has been introduced. The Prize is for WA artists only, both regional and metropolitan.

'Cautioned', oil on linen, 110 x 130 cm
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New York, New York

Good luck to our artist Jacinda Bayne who is having her first exhibition - ‘Merging Landscape’ in New York, October 5th 2017.
Jacinda’s paintings are so magical, they can make one stop and contemplate for hours at a time.
We wish you the best of luck Jacinda.
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Lori Pensini - Finalist in the Kilgour Prize 2017

Lori Pensini - Finalist in the Kilgour Prize 2017
Congratulations to our incredibly talented artist, Lori Pensini. Lori is one of 30 finalists that were shortlisted from over 350 applicants for the prestigious Kilgour Prize.
Our fingers and toes are crossed in the hope that she will win the People’s Choice Award.

To vote for Lori you can Click here

Lori’s Pensini - ‘Woman with Mullet’

  Learn More
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Not One, But Two!

Not one, but two.
2017 Manning Art Prize finalist Laura Matthews wowed the judges with her painting “Stripped Bare”. This portrait of her beloved grandmother is breathtaking and powerful. It certainty triggered an emotion in us.
Furthermore, Laura is a finalist for the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize 2017 with her painting - ‘Coastline reimagined’.
We are so proud to continually represent Laura and showcase her superb talent.
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FINALIST - Perth Royal Show Landscape Art Prize 2017

Congratulations to Lori Pensini for being selected as a finalist for the Perth Royal Show Landscape Art Prize 2017.
'One Tree Pool, Boolgeeda, Pilbara', oil on canvas, 130 x 130 cm.
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In Home/Office Art Gallery Service

  Perth metro area only
The Studio Gallery offers a unique service whereby the Gallery will bring artwork to you to see in situ before making the decision to purchase.
Peruse our website for artworks available.
Please contact the Gallery to discuss further.
*Size restrictions apply
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